Awards News: We’re Part of Creativepool 2017

Gavin Sherratt

10th February 2017


We’ve had some more awards news at Mashbo this week – we’ve been shortlisted for the Best Agency to Work For Award in the 2017 Creativepool Awards.

With huge companies such as Apple, Facebook and MTV on the list for other categories, Creativepool is one of the leading events on the Creative & Digital calendar – celebrating some of the best agencies and brands of all sizes. It’s great to be nominated alongside some of the giants, and some of the fantastic smaller agencies too.

Recognition for ‘The Mashbo Way’

As good as it is to be recognised with some of the industry’s best, it’s the award category in particular that we’re proud to be nominated for: Best Agency to Work For.

We’ve worked extremely hard at Mashbo to develop the best culture possible and create a great atmosphere for our team. We’ve developed our team and our environment over our five years to ensure Mashbo is a great place to come to work – and we’re always looking to improve.

Our team are the most valued part of our business and we see everyone as an individual with their own personality, likes, dislikes, and interests. Each member of our team is different – but the important thing is that they all contribute something extremely valuable in their own right.

As part of this, we put a lot of time into supporting our team’s emotional wellbeing and mental health. Myself, as well as my Co-Founders Liam and Steve are always available to support the team with any issues they’re having – at work or at home. We understand that we’re all human and no one can work at 100% all of the time. Our team’s wellbeing will always be our number one priority.

Although everyone at Mashbo is their own person, it’s when the whole team works together that we’re strongest. Even though we’re a small team, we’ve produced some outstanding work and been named the Best Small Digital Agency in the North.

Away from work we’re a strong unit too – although it’s a bit of a cliché we are a little family and everyone does their best to support each other.

After working so hard to establish a culture where our team are happy coming into work, it’s amazing to get some recognition for the ‘Mashbo Way’.

Influencer of the Year

As well as our Best Agency to Work For nomination, I have also been nominated for the Influencer of the Year category.

I’m extremely pleased to be shortlisted for this category, which awards those who are having a positive contribution to the welfare of the industry.

After setting up the Creative Kitchen network in 2014, I’ve worked hard to establish a community of creatives who can collaborate with each other and work together to develop the Creative & Digital sector within the region. It’s great to be recognised for something that I’ve worked so hard to develop.

People’s Choice: We Need You!

As part of the judging criteria for the awards, Creativepool are having a ‘people’s choice’ vote to allow people to vote for their favourite agencies.

At Mashbo we take great pride in our peers’ support and we’d really appreciate if you could give us a vote!

How to Vote:

  1. Go to
  2. Find the Influencer of the Year and Best Agency to Work For Category
  3. Find our profiles under each category and click the vote button
  4. If you have a Creativepool account, log in. If not, you can create an account to place your vote (don’t worry, it’s free!)

Thank you for all of your support and continuing to share our Mashbo vision.

What do you think?

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