Delivering Value: Why Transparency is Key

Steve Todd

25th November 2016


You know how the old saying goes – “honesty is the best policy”. We’re firm believers in this at Mashbo – especially when it comes to always being open and transparent with all of our clients.

This was something that came up in a recent phone call I had with a client, and their gratitude brought home to me how important this is as part of the Mashbo value system.

Being Honest About What We Can’t Do

The situation that arose was this – the client needed a Drupal solution to their website, and they approached us to take on the work.

As talented as they are with other platforms, our developers are not Drupal developers, so we knew that taking on the work would be a long, difficult process that added pressure to our team. This in turn would affect team morale and possibly impact their motivation to perform at their best with other projects, due to the demands of trying to work with something they aren’t specialists in.

Our team is our most valuable asset – not just for their skills but also for who they are as people. We don’t want to give them projects that’ll stress them out and demotivate them. We do want to give them projects that match their skillsets and challenge them to produce outstanding work.

Yes, there might have been some short term benefits to taking on the project – it’d bring cashflow. But with the long term hit on productivity and the bogging down of production, the negatives definitely outweighed the positives.

Not only would taking on a Drupal project have a negative impact on our team, but also on the client. At Mashbo, we pride ourselves on putting the client at the heart of everything we do. It was for this reason that we couldn’t take on the project. We knew they could take their project to developers who specialise in Drupal, and have a solution in a much shorter timeframe.

…And What We Can Do

Of course, there are plenty things that we’re great at. We have a proven track record of producing outstanding high-end mobile-friendly websites, as well as web-apps & software solutions; and we can devise a thorough creative and digital strategy for our clients. We’ve won awards and received national recognition for our work.

But we can’t be specialists in everything. Digital is a big world, and to be expert at everything you’d have to have a 1,000+ team. What we lack in Drupal skills we make up for in our extensive knowledge of other platforms such as WordPress. More importantly, we craft bespoke solutions for our clients using frameworks such as Symfony so we can automate their current manual processes.

One of our standout values is delivering the highest value for all of our clients. To take on a project that doesn’t match up to our skillsets just to add some cash to our pockets isn’t Mashbo.

One of the things we’re great at is collaboration. We have a fantastic network of highly skilled organisations and individuals – and we’re open minded when it comes to collaborating with these people to help each other out and find the best solution. In fact, we’re currently supporting the client to find the right Dev partner for their project.

By collaborating in this way, not only are we benefitting our sector as a whole, but we’re also helping people to find good people that they can trust to do outstanding work and provide them with a solution.

Whilst we’re looking to take on challenging projects every day that push us to deliver the best for our clients and their customers, we’re not about making fast cash at the expense of our team and the client.

Staying True to the Mashbo Way

When it came down to the conversation with the client, they were extremely appreciative of how honest we were – and the fact that we genuinely wanted the best result for them. They thanked me for being completely honest about what we can do, whilst not taking on a project for the sake of fees.

Knowing that we’ve stuck to our values and managed to help the client in the process, whilst saving our team unnecessary pressure and stress is an outcome that we’re more than happy with.

Without doing any work, we’ve delivered some value in a small way to the client. We’ve stayed true to the Mashbo way and helped people that we have great respect for to advance their business – and that’s the best result for us.

What do you think?

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