Project Case Study: House of Sloane

Vincent Atanasov

3rd February 2017


House of Sloane is an independent online furniture retailer who specialise in unique, eclectic home accessories and upholstery. They source the best in British manufacturers and quality craftsmanship to deliver products that are “Brave, Bold and Beautiful” to their customers.

Started by two friends who were passionate about providing excellent customer service, House of Sloane needed an outstanding website to reach customers across the country and provide them with the best buying experience possible.

They came to us to turn this vision into reality. We built a responsive and engaging ecommerce website that reaches out to House of Sloane’s customers and delivers a user-focused buying journey.


Due to the bespoke nature of House of Sloane’s products, we knew that their website would have to be tailor-made to suit their customers.

We built a mobile-friendly, responsive website that captures House of Sloane’s open and friendly nature, as well as providing a comprehensive buying process that allows their customers to get to the products they want in less time.

House of Sloane Homepage Screengrab

We constantly listened to House of Sloane’s feedback, taking on board how they felt about the site and implementing changes accordingly. This ensured that their brand was represented exactly how they had envisioned, and that their website was a true digital representation of the excellent service that they wanted to provide to their customers.

We used WordPress’ WooCommerce platform for the ecommerce elements of the website, however the platform came with a number of limitations. Our development team built around this, adding changes to extend the capabilities of WooCommerce and make the site bespoke to the user. Part of this was setting up the complex delivery set ups to meet the challenge of delivering both small and large products.

We also added a bespoke menu system that wasn’t a default WordPress menu – allowing House of Sloane to add their own content and products when necessary.

House of Sloane Product Page Screengrab

The buying interface itself has clear functionality, which is key due to the wide range of fabric and material options with some of the products. The user is taken on a logical journey of selecting their preferences from each menu, making the buying process simple and accessible for all customers.

House of Sloane Customisation Screengrab

With the addition of informal content and language, with an engaging design, the site is one that is truly unique to House of Sloane and represents their personality as a brand. The site has a streamlined focus on the user and serves as a digital representation of the high customer service levels that House of Sloane always strive for.


It was great for us to deliver a site that was tailored to House of Sloane, allowing them to start delivering the best in high quality British homeware to their customers.


To view the House of Sloane website, please visit