Project Case Study: Nugent Adoption

Liam Potter

16th December 2016


Nugent Adoption Services are a core part of the family of services that are provided by leading charity Nugent. They are a registered and approved independent adoption agency that have been providing children with families for 70 years.

With a dedicated and passionate team, their aim is to provide opportunities for children who have had a difficult start in life to live a happy, safe and secure life in a family environment.

They needed a standalone website which would allow them to make the adoption process clearer, and less daunting, to potential adopters – allowing them to help more children to find a loving home.


We stepped in to design and develop a fully responsive website as part of our wider digital and branding work for Nugent which meets accessibility guidelines as well as governing body standards.

The build of the website was based on the template and style guide from the Nugent House School site that we developed. This ensures that every part of the Nugent family aligns with the overall Nugent brand and unifies their services, as well as saving them time when updating their various sites in future.

Using this template for the site build, we applied the design specifically to Nugent adoption – developing a consistent colour scheme. We also created a brand new logo for Nugent Adoption, giving them their own standalone identity whilst unifying them with the overall Nugent brand.

Nugent Adoption Homepage

In terms of functionality, we divided the site into clearly marked out subsections, allowing prospective adopters to get to all the information they need about UK and overseas adoption.

A further ‘Adoption Support’ section fully outlines the exceptional support and guidance adopters will receive from the Nugent Adoption team.

The site also features an FAQ section, which addresses some of the common questions people have when considering adoption – including age, relationship status and whether or not they have pets.

UK Adoption Page

The front-end of the site is led by an easy-to-manage content management system (CMS), which allows Nugent to keep everything up to date. This ensures that potential adopters are continuously getting relevant information, making them as informed as possible before they make an enquiry.

One feature requested by the team at Nugent was to have a simple way for anyone to generate a PDF of the current page they were looking at. Using the fantastic wkhtmltopdf software we were able to quickly build a server tool allowing them to do just that. Every page features a “Save as PDF” button, so no one needs to mess with browser plugins or know how to do this themselves.

Adoption Process Page

As well as tailoring functionality to the user in this way, we ensured that the site fully complied with WCAG AA Standard accessibility guidelines, as well as meeting Ofsted regulations.

Not only does the site now meet governing body standards, but also ensures potential adopters are as informed as they can be before contacting Nugent Adoption. This makes the process better for the Nugent Adoption staff and future adopters, as well as helping more children to find the perfect home for them.


We loved working with Nugent Adoption to develop a website that will allow them to continue their amazing work uniting children and loving homes, making the process easier for all involved.

"For the development of our family of sub sites Mashbo developed a template based on our main site. We can adapt these to build sites for our services that fit the brand style of our main site, whilst reflecting the individuality of our services.

Nugent Adoption’s new website is greatly enhanced by this approach rather than adding additional pages to our main site. Mashbo helped us to achieve our aim, finding a strategic digital approach to promote the service, and provide clear and accessible information for prospective adopters.

The site was delivered on time, and now forms a key tool of our strategy - giving us room to share our stories and help people make the decision to become adopters, and therefore help more children find a family."

- Mike James, Marketing & Communications Manager, Nugent


To view the Nugent Adoption website, please visit