Project Case Study: OHHBA

Liam Potter

5th January 2017


OHHBA (Open Hair Health and Beauty Academy) is an education platform that enables users to learn practical hair, health and beauty skills online. Through OHHBA, the user can access all the information they need to qualify for a role in the hair, health and beauty industry in the form of video tutorials and practical assessment.

Their mission is to deliver the highest standard of lessons that allow users to learn at their own pace and work from wherever they need to. They also work with schools and colleges to improve the standard of health and beauty courses delivered as part of the curriculum.

They turned to us to build a platform to deliver these lessons and allow users to upload their work, interact with other users and obtain feedback from examiners.


We developed a responsive and interactive eLearning platform with a range of functionalities, useable from a multitude of devices.

The engaging interface follows a step-by-step process to guide the user through the process of enrolling and creating their own account. Once an account has been set up, the user has their own Dashboard where they can see active and completed courses, and their interactions with other users.

This dashboard functionality personalises the experience for the user and pulls in the course information that is relevant to them, ensuring they can access their data and track their process. Ongoing courses will be displayed with a progress percentage bar so the user gets an instant visual indication of where they’re up to with each course.

OHHBA Homepage

In terms of the courses, users can enrol and pay on a course-by-course basis. We have integrated a secure payment process which allows users to pay for courses and receive email confirmation once payment has been processed, adding to the personalised nature of the site.

With the sharing of users’ personal details, including payment details, we knew that security was height of importance. Using HTTPS encryption for all traffic, we built the platform with the same level of security as online banking.

The course content is delivered in the form of high level video and other media content. We built a robust and secure system that restricts access to this content through a token system on top of the AWS S3 storage platform, protecting OHHBA’s intellectual property.

OHHBA video page

There is also a practical element to the course where users have to upload photographic and video evidence of their own practical work as part of each course’s final examination. The platform allows assessors to authenticate and mark users’ work, with the user receiving email notification as well as a desktop notification to inform them that their exam has been assessed.

One of the key elements of the OHHBA platform is the social and community element. Through integrated forums, users can interact with each other, asking and answering questions about the courses to support each other with their learning.

OHHBA Community forum page

We also developed a full brand for OHHBA, including a new logo and key icon elements. This is implemented in the clear, user-oriented design across the site. The engaging brand represents the high quality nature of OHHBA’s lessons and the prestige of the qualifications that they award.

The platform also includes a thorough help section to assist users with everything from setting up an account to inviting friends to join a course. This includes comprehensive technical support to assist any users having technical issues, allowing them to get back on with their course quickly and easily.

Overall, we have developed an engaging, user-friendly web app that allows OHHBA to bring the highest quality hair & beauty courses into people’s homes every day.


We loved working with OHHBA to create a web app and brand that will allow them to bring a highly personalised, unique experience to each user when achieving the best in industry standard qualifications.

OHHBA course page


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